Baby Dedications

Baby/Child Dedication is not something that you do to guarantee salvation. Rather we see it done in scripture all the back in the Old Testament and Mary and Joseph dedicated Jesus. Dedication is simply dedicating your child to Jesus Christ. We believe that Children are a gift from God. Ultimately they belong to Him but He just kind of loans them to us. Think of parenting like being stewards of the life God created. God as Creator has a plan for every life and dedication is us as Parents/Guardians promising to always point them towards Jesus, to teach them to obey, read the Bible, Pray, seek God, Love God, Love others, serve God, to be Christlike and all else that would entail them being raised as if Jesus were raising them. It is our job to help them discover how God wired them and for them to give their life to that. To uphold, value and encourage them in ministry. To not just drop them off at church but attend ourselves. We believe that with kids, Christianity is Caught not Taught. In other words they won’t follow Jesus most likely if we are not following Him ourselves.

This decision to dedicate Children is just as much about you as the Parent/Guradian as it is the child. God is expecting you to Proverbs 22:6 (NIV) Train a child in the way he should go…In the ways that God would want. It is an honor to have such an opportunity to shape a life. As Parents/Guardians this will require us to be on our knees praying, in the word of God seeking and growing, training our kids about the character, principles, values and truths of God and modeling a life that points them to Jesus. We are not perfect and we must realize in our role as Parent/Guardian we must never excuse our imperfection but rather acknowledge it, admit it and confess to God and others when we have wronged them. This means we apologize so we can teach them to apologize. We surrender to God so they can learn to surrender to God. We forgive others so they can learn how to forgive. We pray so they know how to pray. We serve God at church through our gifts and talents so they know how to serve God. We obey all the ordinances of God so they will obey God.

Please take this role seriously. Also please take this role with joy and great expectation. It is easy to take a class, stand on a stage and say “Yes, Jesus this kid is yours, help us lead them”. It is another thing to do it. I am confident as you … seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

Dedication doesn’t guarantee your child will follow Jesus always or ever. But it means that you do your part and give them a chance to choose. One thing I know is as we model the love of Jesus Christ, that always strikes a cord even in the hardest of human hearts that is hard to repel for long. Be encouraged, God has entrusted you with life!

We encourage you to treat this like a graduation or other milestone in you and your childs life. Invite family and friends to come to the service and support you. As well have a celebration lunch after with your family and friends. This is meant to be a great witness and celebration. You never know what God might do through you dedicating your Child to Jesus!

It is an honor to walk with you in this part of your life and family. We are so excited for you and consider it a privilege to share this moment with you. You will find our congregation holds dedication in high regard and commits to raising all children in Christ! We at NBSChurch want to partner with you in preparing for this commitment. We have a mandatory class that you must first take so that way you know some key things.

Here is what the class covers:

- Why dedicate?
- Who do we dedicate?
- When do we dedicate?
- How to live out the dedication yourself.

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