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The Jesus 101 series engages both mind and heart. The sessions bring a fresh perspective on who Jesus is, how he interacted with people in Scripture and how he relates to us. The discussion questions are designed particularly to help a group to learn from each other but also provide an interesting context for individual reflection. As you discover the ways Jesus fulfills our lives, you may fall in love with him again--or for the first time.

Each of the eight studies have six sessions each so if your Life Group meets two times a month and if you did all the Jesus 101 studies, you have curriculum for two years. What better to intensely study and discover than Jesus?

You will see that each study can be ordered individually; that is you don’t have to buy the whole set of eight. There is no DVD with these studies which saves money, encourages more discussion and enables deeper discovery as a group. You can start with any of the eight and proceed to the next in any order you’d like. Each Jesus 101 study is independent from the other so that no sequence of order is necessary. Just dive in and discover Jesus… you and your Life Group will never be the same!

Supreme Conqueror

Jesus 101: Supreme Conqueror – By Bill Donahue

Jesus' strategy was countercultural. The Bible describes him as a conquering hero - but a hero who had to die first. In our world, conquering heroes achieve victory by force, not submission; with power, not weakness; with superior weapons and troops, not alone and empty handed. But Jesus conquered through weakness, submission and death. Jesus is the Supreme Conqueror, and in these pages you can explore the results of his victory for yourself.

Truthful Revealer

Jesus 101: Relentless Lover – By Bill Donahue

Jesus is a relentless lover without limits. Even when we cannot, or will not, return his love, Jesus continues to love us despite our actions and our words, our ignorance and rebellion. Yet we cannot seem to fully believe it. We wonder if he will one day leave us, disgusted with our sin and many failures. Yet he remains at our side, loving his way into our lives. In this study, we will discover how Jesus expresses his love for us, and we will learn how amazing that love truly is.

Authentic Leader

Jesus 101: Authentic Leader – By Bill Donahue

Leaders do well to consult their predecessors—to seek ancient wisdom—for help in guiding people into the future. Authentic leaders recognize they need the insights and counsel of others. We have in Jesus Christ an authentic leader, one who is truthful and honest about the past, connects to the present and points his followers to a future that builds on both. His leadership is demanding and challenging, yet grace-filled and Spirit-led. He is a leader worth following, and his leadership is worth emulating.

truthful Revealer

Jesus 101: Truthful Revealer
By Bill Donahue & Keri Wyatt Kent

Our closest friends are the ones who will tell us the truth about ourselves. Jesus is that kind of friend. He reveals our identity, makes sense of our history, exposes our needs and points us toward our destiny. When we meet Jesus the revealer, we discover ourselves.

Proactive Teacher

Jesus 101: Provocative Teacher – By Bill Donahue

A teacher with unconventional wisdom. This look at Jesus will shatter your illusions about religious leaders. And as you clear your mind, you will find unexpected hope that can replace illusion. Come and meet Jesus the teacher.

Compassionate Healer

Jesus 101: Compassionate Healer
By Bill Donahue & Keri Wyatt Kent

Acts of compassion have the potential to heal wounds, restore relationships, dispel hatred and curb violence. No one person embodied God's compassion more than Jesus of Nazareth. His heart broke for the sick, the poor, the hungry, the outcast and the weary. And his heart is moved toward us as well. In our pain and grief, our confusion and suffering, Jesus meets us with healing grace and love. Are you ready to meet the Compassionate Healer?

Sacred Friend

Jesus 101: Sacred Friend
By Bill Donahue & Keri Wyatt Kent

Jesus is the Lord of the universe, and yet he desires our companionship. He is the one who can share our suffering, understand our weaknesses and always keep our trust. God made us to desire relationship and gave us his Son to fulfill our deepest needs. Come and meet Jesus, our friend.

Extreme Forgiver

Jesus 101: Extreme Forgiver – By Bill Donahue & Keri Wyatt Kent

Jesus is the one who can make us right with God. He is the gentle pastor who hears our confession and t hen invites our repentance. On the cross he took our punishment. By his blood we are redeemed. Come and meet Jesus the forgiver.

You will notice the more books you buy the cheaper it is and that is because the cost of shipping etc is spread out in bulk rate. For couples you both don’t need a book but there certainly is nothing wrong with getting one each, so that you can journal your own insights, discover and growth. Each study has six sessions and should last the average Life Group who meets two times a month, three months. Get ready to discover Jesus!


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